Meet Samba Smoothie

Smoothie Samba is one of the first healthy food and beverage concepts in Latin America with headquarters in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Our company focuses on providing our customers with healthy alternatives in an effort to try to reduce the obesity and diabetes problem in Mexico. Samba Smoothie has three verticals: 1) Corporate owned stores 2) Franchises; and 3) Packaged products sold through retail.

Samba Smoothie offers our customers healthy products such as smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, wraps, sandwiches, low calorie desserts, salads, coffee, oatmeal, tea, among others.

How did Samba Smoothie get started?

In Samba Smoothie we seek to battle the epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

These epidemics can be prevented, which is why at Samba Smoothie we offer excellent quality in our products and service which help our clients achieve a healthier lifestyle. Our products are low in calories and sugar, elaborated with natural fruit, and are certified by qualified nutritionists.

Diabetes is increasing all over the world, in particular in developing countries. The causes are complex but to a great degree, it is related with the rapid growth in obesity and lack of physical activity.

Since 1980, obesity has doubled in the world. In the year 2014, more than 1900 million of adults older than 18 years old suffered from this decease, out of which more than 600 million were obese. 39% of adults older than 18 suffered from being overweight and 13% were obese.


The trend worldwide is to look for healthier products with low calories, sugar and fats. Thus there has been a decrease in fast food and soda consumption.

Mexico is the country with the highest overweight and obesity rate (70% of the population). At Samba Smoothie we want to be the pioneers for fighting this problem and help change our eating habits


Offer the healthiest products on the market, made with high quality natural ingredients with great taste and nutritional value. Provide our customers with a healthier lifestyle, allowing them to strengthen and restore their body to their maximum level, and help them achieve their optimal physical and mental levels.


Become the leader of healthy products, marking a trend in the consumer industry and being a company with a great social impact.